Oxford Biomedica is a leading, fully integrated, cell and gene therapy group

Oxford Biomedica is an innovative leading viral vector specialist focused on delivering life changing therapies to patients. Cell and gene therapy is the treatment of disease by the delivery of therapeutic genetic material (DNA or RNA), into a patient’s cells. One highly effective approach to delivering the genetic information is to re-engineer existing viruses to be safe delivery vehicles (vectors) to insert the genetic material into patients cells. This can be achieved either by directly administering the vector to the patient (often referred to as in vivo gene therapy), or by first introducing the genetic material to cells or tissue outside of the body, before administering the cells or tissue into the patient (often referred to as ex vivo gene therapy, or gene-modified cell therapy).

Oxford Biomedica works across key viral vector delivery systems including those based on lentivirus, adeno-associated virus (AAV) and adenovirus, providing innovative solutions to cell and gene therapy biotechnology and biopharma companies for their process development, analytical development and manufacturing needs. Oxford Biomedica plc (the Company) and its subsidiaries (together Oxford Biomedica or the Group) have built a sector leading lentiviral vector delivery system, LentiVector® platform, which the Group leverages to develop product candidates in-house, before seeking partners to take the products into clinical trials.

Oxford Biomedica UK Limited (OXB) is based across several locations in Oxfordshire, UK. In early 2022, the Group established Oxford Biomedica Solutions, a new US based subsidiary AAV manufacturing and innovation business, based near Boston, US.


Strategy: leveraging our viral vector expertise


Viral vector platform
Oxford Biomedica’s viral vector platform is at the heart of the business, through both our leading LentiVector® and vector agnostic systems. 

We are driving the industrialisation of viral vectors. We aim to bring down the cost per dose through IP innovation, opening up therapeutic markets currently inaccessible to cell and gene therapy due to the amount (and therefore costs) of the vector required. In addition, the reduction in cost will help drive adoption by payors into indications where there are far larger numbers of patients, by bringing down the overall cost per patient treated.

Our IP, patents and know-how, along with our 20 plus years of expertise in applying our viral vector technology is enabling our customers to bring next generation treatments for serious diseases to market.

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Our Contract Development and Manufacturing Organisation (CDMO) business provides scale-up solutions and commercial supply of viral vectors to pharmaceutical and biotech companies in the fast-growing cell and gene therapy field.

Oxford Biomedica’s expert professionals use our world-leading facilities to develop and manufacture commercially scalable products for partners.

Our industry leading knowledge in multiple therapeutic areas (gene modified cell therapies, ocular, liver, respiratory diseases and CNS disorder) means we can help solve partners scale-up and supply needs in all of the leading areas in which cell and gene therapy products are being developed.

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Gene Therapeutics
Oxford Biomedica develops innovative new IP-protected therapies, leveraging our internal research expertise and know-how. We select patient-centric product candidates and progress these through proof-of-concept, and into early clinical development, before either seeking third-party funding for full development and commercialisation or to develop further in-house.

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