Our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Mission and Strategy


Oxford Biomedica’s ESG mission is to deliver life changing gene therapies to patients in an ethical and socially responsible way

Oxford Biomedica is committed to our role as a responsible business and we have developed a policy and strategy to ensure we meet this objective.

Oxford Biomedica’s ESG strategy is focused on five pillars: People; Community; Environment; Innovation and Supply Chain.
For more details see the ESG section of the Oxford Biomedica Annual Report (starting page 51).

Responsible Business Strategy

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Oxford Biomedica’s ESG Committee is responsible for the governance and oversight of our ESG commitments.

The ESG Committee is chaired by Roch Doliveux, in his capacity as Interim CEO, providing a link to the Board for regular review of ESG issues.

Department heads within the business are responsible for each of the five pillars. Annual ESG objectives are set by the department head responsible for each pillar, in conjunction with the Senior Executive Team.

The ESG Committee is responsible for tracking progress against the objectives and providing regular progress reports to the Senior Executive Team every quarter. Progress updates are also shared in all-company meetings.


Oxford Biomedica’s three values govern the way that Oxford Biomedica does business, how Oxford Biomedica works together and the interactions Oxford Biomedica has with all its stakeholders.

Oxford Biomedica’s values are embedded throughout its people processes – we look for evidence that job candidates share Oxford Biomedica’s values upon appointment; the values are an important factor in measuring performance; and Oxford Biomedica recognises and rewards adherence to the values.


The Group’s values

Have integrity

We always do the right thing. Whatever the situation and consequences, we do what’s right for employees, patients and partners. We make objective decisions and can be trusted to deliver on our commitments.

Be inspiring
We succeed together through our passion, commitment and teamwork. Through our actions and behaviours, we create an environment which positively challenges, engages and excites us.

Deliver innovation
We deliver ground-breaking scientific excellence by nurturing exceptional talent. Together, we continually improve by generating new ideas and creative ways of working to bring about better solutions for patients.

Five pillars of Responsible Business

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Our commitment to responsible business practices has been recognised with Prime status (as of 25 June 2021).

ISS ESG is the responsible investment arm of ISS and one of the world’s leading rating agencies for sustainable investments. Prime status is awarded to companies with an ESG performance above the sector-specific Prime threshold, which means that they fulfil ambitious absolute performance requirements. For more info: https://www.issgovernance.com/esg/ratings/



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