Oxford Biomedica has continued to recognise the value of being a good local citizen. Oxford Biomedica has achieved this by delivering positive benefits to the community. We have created around 120 new appointments at all levels across the organisation during 2020. Oxford Biomedica continued to develop its apprenticeship scheme, supporting science education, and is a strong supporter of the communities where employees live and work through volunteering for Homeless Oxfordshire and other local charities.

Further links have been established with schools and local educational organisations for volunteering initiatives, such as reading support. Oxford Biomedica behaves as a responsible neighbour, complying with national and local laws and regulations, particularly with regard to emissions, waste, property planning and the traffic impact caused by employees. Oxford Biomedica has a well-established Cycle-To-Work scheme and interest-free season ticket loans to help minimise the traffic impact on the community.


SeeSaw (Employee donation)


SeeSaw (Group donation)


Oxfordshire Mind (Group donation)





For more details on Oxford Biomedica’s community initiatives including our apprenticeship scheme and charitable giving see page 56 of the Oxford Biomedica Annual Report.

2021 ESG community objectives:

  • to add a further nine apprentices to the apprenticeship scheme.
  • to introduce a system for voluntary charitable monthly payroll contributions to continue to support volunteering initiatives, such as reading support, (with time off support).
  • to increase outreach programme.
    to schools and universities.