LentiVector® platform



Our LentiVector® platform is the first commercially approved lentiviral based gene delivery system. It is recognised as a leading solution by multiple companies.

Our LentiVector® platform enables the successful development of breakthrough gene and cell-based medicines by us and our partners.

We have a long history and broad clinical and commercial experience in the gene therapy field, with impressive results. Our data demonstrates over seven years of stable, dose dependent gene expression in patients after direct in vivo administration. Several hundreds of patients have safely received ex vivo and in vivo treatment with products using our vectors. Our platform delivered the first FDA and EMA approved CAR-T cell therapy.

Lentiviral vectors are advantageous for a number of reasons. They can deliver large therapeutic payloads (up to 10kb) into target cells. Permanent modification of dividing and non-dividing cells is achieved through gene integration and long-term expression. Their lack of pre-existing immunity makes them safe to use.

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Specific advantages of the LentiVector® platform

Our partners have access to a sector leading suite of technologies to improve efficiency and quality of vector production

    • Proprietary manufacturing technologies that improve yield and product quality
    • Optimised cell lines for a simplified and scalable manufacturing process
    • Next generation vectors designed to enhance safety and efficacy
    • Experience with vector pseudotyping to target specific cell types
    • Access to equine infectious anaemia virus (EIAV) and human immunodeficiency virus-1 (HIV-1) “minimal” vector systems with key safety features
    • Serum-free suspension bioreactor process
    • Analytical methods that are recognised by regulatory authorities and ensure compliant release of batches
    • Unique expertise with over 25 years’ experience in process development and manufacturing


Continuous innovation

We continuously innovate to improve our LentiVector® platform by:

  • Engineering our proprietary cell lines and vectors to improve bioprocessing yield. This includes technical advances such as the TRiP SystemTM and LentiStableTM

  • Developing new analytical methods to increase efficiency and quality

  • Investing in automation robotics and state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies

  • Using in silico design tools and machine to drive development and innovation

  • Collaborating with innovative companies to integrate cutting-edge technologies into the LentiVector® platform

Intellectual property

We have multiple active patents and extensive know-how covering vector technologies and manufacturing processes.

We are committed to advancing the wider development of gene and cell therapy approaches by licensing our intellectual property.

We license our patents and know-how to our partners, giving them access to unique proprietary technologies which they use to develop their products. Our licensing structure offers considerable flexibility to our partners, including the right to carry out tech transfer of the process to their facilities under certain conditions.

If you would like to find out more about our LentiVector® platform please get in touch at partnering@oxb.com